Courses Offered in: SAP Version ECC 6.0
ABAP Syllabus
Reports, ALV Reporting, SQL, ABAP Query :
Programming Reports
Concepts of Events in Report Programming
Modularization Techniques
Writing Optimized SQL, using SQL Join statements
Interactive report programming concepts
Developing ABAP Queries, Programming custom fields in Queries
Programming interfaces writing programs to Upload Data (Inbound)
Programs to download Data (Outbound).
Module Pool (Dialog) Programming :
Dialog programming
Designing of Screens, Screen Flow Management
Concept of LUW (Logical Unit of Work)
SAP Lock mechanism
Programming Database Updates, Programming table controls
Programming using components of Control Architecture Framework
Concept of ABAP Memory
SAP Scripts & Smart forms :
Developing SAP Scripts
Developing smart Forms
Concept of Output determination Technique
Working with SAP standard Driver programs and Forms
IDOCís :
Processing IDOCís (Inbound and Outbound)
Configuring Ports, Partner profiles
Processing tests
IDOC Monitoring
ALE Concepts :
Concept of ALE in SAP
Creation of Distribution models
Setting up communications
USER Exits and BADIís :
Programming User Exits, Concept of User exits
Form exits, Function exits, Screen exits, BADIís, User Exits in IDOCís
Understanding usage of CMOD and SMOD transactions locating and implementing user exits in IDOCís
Concept of Easy enhancement work
BDC Programming :
Concept of BDC programming Recording technique
Methods of BDC programming Sessions method
Call transaction method
RFCís BAPIís :
Developing of Function modules and understanding usage of BAPIís
Demonstration of using SAP Standard BAPIís
Includes providing hands on for Writing ABAP reports, ALV programming, BDCís, IDOCís, SAP Scripts, Smart forms, User Exits, BADIís
Module Pool Programming and demonstration of using ALE